My new home

If your reading this congratulations are in order. You managed to get past all of the road blocks created by my ignorance of the modern age of computers. Where I have many talents, creating a webpage is not one of them. So again, congratulations!!!!

Why are we here? Well, that is the easiest of all the questions I can answer with out a resting bitch face. A little while back, Fanfiction CHOSE not to protect the millions of authors who worked so hard at creating FREE entertainment for millions of hungry readers. They allowed a company to come onto their site, copy all of the stories and sell them on the internet. Giving no compensation to the creators. This includes the authors, betas, and the banner makers. Everyone was given the proverbial middle finger by all involved.

So I could have sat back and ate my shit sandwich with a smile and a glass of beer. But that aint how Southern women do things. I stood up, applied another coat of lipstick and opened a can of whoop ass.

So this is where you will find me. Free to post what I want without the fear of some finger pointing, busy body getting in my way.

27 thoughts on “My new home

  1. So glad that you’re posting your stories here and TWCS. I hope everyone leaves FFn after the years of crap they’ve pulled there. Thanks for letting us know! Your blog looks great!

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      1. hi i really loved your story i want to know if you can give me your blog, so i can keep up with your story, thanks. Also i am really sorry for what happen to your stories


  2. I just read Shamrocks and Shenanigans and was on the 16th chapter when it disappeared! Spent most of the night trying to find it and thankfully thismorning I got found your new home. Thanks for posting it here. I just loved this story …it was cute and funny and now I need to find the sequel. Are you planning to post here? Can’t wait to read your other stories. You have a very charming story telling style.


  3. Welcome to WordPress, you couldn’t have made a better decision.
    Could I offer a suggestion? Please enable comments on your stories. I just finished Conditions May Apply and wanted to comment but was unable to.
    Loved the story! I’m not a huge Edward/Bella fan but your story drew me in right from the beginning. Well done.
    Oh, also, and this can be done, or not, as you wish. Could you maybe break your stories up into individual chapters with their own page? It makes for easier reading since I do the majority of my reading via mobile so scrolling down a huge assed page after my phone does something stupid is not in my top ten list of fun things to do, especially when I’m 2/3 of the way through the story.
    Thank you, and well done.


  4. Thanks for the post on ffn and letting us readers know! I really appreciate it. Also, I wanted to reread “Worth the Weight” again and I couldn’t find it here on the site. Are you still in the process of transferring the stories over?


  5. Standing up for beliefs is important, standing up for ourselves, so much more. Congratulations on doing both!!!! Although I will keep an eye on TWCS, I am happy to be following you here as well. The best of luck, you deserver it!


  6. I am such a HUGE fan of yours and so thrilled I found you on WordPress!!! Congrats on your new site and thank you for making your stories so accessible to readers. Your writing is freaking phenomenal 🙂


  7. Love the new blog – congrats! Are you planning on putting up pdfs that we can use for reading whilst on the go? I know it was mentioned in your author’s notes – just wasn’t sure if you had changed your mind. Thanks for finding a new home for your awesome stories.


  8. Love,love,love your stories!! So sad to hear of the treatment you received at FFN but glad to find you here and still writing! Good luck!!


  9. I absolutely love your stories on fanfiction you are under my favorite stories and other list I love getting emails when you update. I know that there has been a lot of problems on the other fanfiction site so I’m really glad that you found a new home and that you’re still going to continue to post. You are now going to be saved in my bookmarks and I hopefully will be able to still get email updates on your story. Keep writing because you do amazing work


  10. I am so glad you have a new home!!! Just finished reading Shamrocks for probably the 10th time. It is one of my favorites of all time. Is the sequel on this site? I didn’t see it.


  11. Hi, I absolutely love your works and I always look forward to your updates, especially on your rather new story “Comfortably Numb.” But one of my absolute favorite stories by you is “Take it Back” and I was wondering if you would do a Edward POV on that story, I think it would be fantastic!!


    1. yes, I have stopped writing. But in my RL I have several manuscripts which are about to be published, creating not enough time in my day to do everything I want to do.


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